Delicious morbid morsels flavored with darkness and madness are presented in our selection of short films. Indulge without moderation.


  1. The unspoken antagonist

Forget the self-help liquor. Stop fighting yourself. These stories will help you change the perception of your self-worth.


Cutter / Dan Repp, Lindsay Young / USA


La inquilina / Lucas Paulino, Ángel Torres / Spain


Smile / Joanna Tsanis / Canada


El agua te arrepentirá / Marco Bentancor / Uruguay


The Gatherer / Pedro Tamames / Spain


Unheimlich / Fabio Colonna / Mexico


Leave Work / Hyolim Lee / South Korea


Part Forever / Alan Chung-An Ou / Taiwan


  1. Offspring and progenitors

We are told that everything is written in the DNA. Eight stories to reconsider our ancestors’ teachings.


A Tale Best Forgotten / Tomas Stark / Sweden


El Mito / Héctor Falcón Villa / Mexico


Such Small Hands / María Martínez Bayona / United Kingdom


El Algoritmo del Alma / Israel Gómez Reséndiz / Mexico


Deep Learning Death / Thorsten Fleisch / Germany


A Puff Before Dying / Michael Reich, Mike Pinkney / USA


Everything Go Round / Ryan Oksenberg / USA


Poor Glenna / Jean-Paul DiSciscio / USA


  1. The expansive morphology of being

An imaginary collection of surprising creatures, peculiar manifestations of otherness that will seduce you with their painful charms.


When The Moon Was Gibbous / Erika Grace Strada /Denmark


They’re Here / Sid Zanforlin / Canada


The Thing That Ate The Birds / Sophie Mair, Dan Gitsham / United Kingdom


Snowdevil / Patricio Valladares / Chile


Self Actualization of the Werewolves / Conall Pendergast /Canada


Monster Encounters / James Smith / Germany


Exhumando Londres Después de Medianoche / Gustavo Leonel Mendoza / Argentina


Wereback / Estrada Brothers / USA


Brackish / Christa Boarini / USA


Night Bus / Joe Hsieh / Taiwan


  1. The caustic & sticky

Episodes packed with narrative triggers that will rock your perceptions, provided by the intoxicating properties of the graphic and radical.


Algo en el Jardín / Marcos Sánchez / Chile


Guts / Chris McInroy / USA


Madd4_U /Alexandra Velasco, André Leshé / Mexico


Bestia / Hugo Covarrubias / Chile


Teratoma / Jano Pita / Spain


Lachesis / Gregory Foltynowicz / USA


Strip / Craig Ouellette / USA


Night of the Living Dicks / Ilja Rautsi / Finland


  1. Somewhere in time

Timeless enigmas full of existential longing and yearning to alleviate the absurd and lubricate the tedium.


Sweet Mary, Where Did You Go? / Michael Anthony Kratochvil /Australia


#NoFilter / Nathan Crooker / USA


Soy un Vampiro / Sofía Garza Barba / Mexico


Han Vuelto / Ismael Capistrán / Mexico


Are We Receiving Biological Signals from Outer Space / Tim Grabham / United Kingdom


She / Eugenio Villamar / USA


Salpicón / Marcos Muñoz / Mexico


Survivers / Carlos Gómez-Trigo / Spain


Selection Mórbido – SANFIC:

  • Matucana 100
    • Bienvenidos al infierno
    • Los minutos negros
    • Apps
    • Al 3er día


  • Valparaiso
    • Mad God